Tuesday, October 11, 2011

been awhile.

its been awhile since i posted anything here. its not that i haven't wanted to, i just never remember to. my baby girl is getting big, just started crawling today... like real crawling, not that belly scooting shit. she can sit up on her own now, its amazing watching her grow everyday. im without a job at the moment but doing side work where i can. been doing some 70s style tank molding for the vise grip boys. ive also been collecting parts for a project with a lot of help from my friends, nick @ vise grip, jason and sam at thomas speed shop back home, few things i found while unpacking at the new house that i forgot i had. house is coming together, still not finished but again, having a kid makes it harder to do anything else. not sure what else is goin on really... just living life day to day, figured id update this thing. pics of the project to follow shortly.